Virio 15 - Quick integration of compact precision

Vertical balancing machines are the ideal solution for balancing disc and bowl-shaped rotors such as flywheels, pump impellers, fans and gearbox components. As all workpiece-specific clamping adaptors are fixed directly on the spindle, the user can mount and clamp their test specimens, quickly and conveniently. The compact Virio 15 by Schenck RoTec is currently the benchmark for rotors weighing no more than 15 kg with a diameter of up to 400 mm.

Test engineers and quality assurance staff in MRO workshops, who often have to balance smaller rotors with a maximum weight of 15 kg and a maximum diameter of 400 mm, should definitely take a closer look at the Virio 15 by Schenck Rotec. Why? Because this compact vertical balancing machine gives you a space-saving complete solution that is second to none in terms of measurement accuracy, efficiency, ergonomics and safety. The Darmstadt-based machine manufacturer offers the Virio 15 with either the CAB 820 basic measuring unit or the CAB 920 SmartTouch high-precision measuring unit. The Virio 15 can be used to balance flywheels, pump impellers, fans, gearbox components and many other disc- or bowl-shaped rotors in one or two planes. The minimum achievable residual unbalance is 0.5 gmm/kg per plane – this value represents an extremely high degree of measurement accuracy.

Secure free standing design and easy access
The Virio 15 by Schenck RoTec is designed as an easily movable “crane hook” machine with a vibration reducing machine frame made of cast mineral. It features a protective shroud in accordance with ISO 21940-23 Class C (protection against flying parts) and a practical container for storing the clamping devices. The large colour display of the measuring unit is within the user's field of vision and facilitates easy input of all important data via a touchscreen. As is customary for Schenck RoTec, the visual concept of the operating software is structured in a logical manner and guides the user safely through the balancing process using large display fields and clear symbol language.

Ready for the Smart Factory
The Schenck RoTec Virio15 balancing machine can be put into operation quickly. It is ready for use immediately after unpacking, and can be easily integrated into production control systems or IT networks. The two CAB measuring units provide the necessary prerequisites to meet every user need with regard to flexibility and customisation. Even those that are required to realise Smart Factory scenarios. Permanent calibration as per the ISO standard makes additional rotor-specific calibration runs superfluous for the Virio 15 and provides considerable time savings during balancing.

High availability
As is the case for all Schenck RoTec balancing machines, the Virio 15 is integrated into the comprehensive service and support system that the Darmstadt-based company uses to ensure the high availability of its products. In this regard, the user has a range of remote maintenance and diagnostic tools at their disposal as well as the option of contacting Schenck Rotec’s experts directly.
One last thing: A wide range of suitable practical accessories, such as protocol printers, keyboards and label printers, are available for the Virio 15.

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