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Transfer Balancing Machine for Wound Armatures Civo 420 - Schenck Greece

Balancing Machine for Armatures

  • Process-optimised balancing in manual operated production systems
  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Process reliability through fully-automated internal working sequence
  • Easy operation: Fully-visualised operator guidance with CAB 870 measuring unit
  • Easy installation: Fast commissioning and support by local service personnel in a worldwide service network


Range of application

Measurement and unbalance correction of wounded armatures of different sizes and similar rotors. Use of the machine in series production for production volumes of up to approx. 1 million armatures p.a.. Correction of unbalance by milling in one or two planes into the lamination stack.


Correction methods

Slot milling for component correction. High flexibility resulting from the use of individual or multiple milling cutters oriented on the slot design. Correction methods for parallel and skewed oriented slots. In addition to the removal of material by plunge milling, the amount of unbalance reduction can be increased by traverse milling.

Special features
  • The workstations are loaded and unloaded by the operator via the common measurement and control station.
  • Fully-automated working procedu-re of the machine
  • Correction station with digitally controlled milling and positioning device.
  • Flexible use, easy refitting and fast fault-finding
  • High-performance CAB 870 measuring device: 15" TFT touch-screen, digital signal processing, software module for calculation of common , and complex correction methods, almost unlimited internal type data storage, operator guidance, virtually automatic set-up procedures, diagnostic programmes, statistics software, external inter-faces such as modem and network
  • The machine consists of a combi-nation of mechanical system and control cabinet, which ensures high flexibility for the place of installation. The only things to be provided at the installation point are the electrical power and com-pressed air supply.
Technical data
Technical data    CIVO 450         
Rotor dimensions              
Rotor weight  [g]  60 - 3000         
Shaft length between the shaft ends  [mm]  80 - 240         
Shaft diameter  [mm]  3 - 15         
Stack diameter  [mm]  18 - 70         
Stack length  [mm]  15 - 70         
Width, depth, height approx.  [mm]  1800 x 1300 x 2100         
Total weight approx.  [kg]  2500         
Noise level (without suction) max.   [dB(A)]  75         
Mains connection    400V±10% / 50 Hz±2% / 3Ph         
Input power  [kW]         
Max. prefuse by customer  [A]  25         
Control voltage  [V DC]  24         
Internal device voltage  [V AC]  230         
Paint    RAL 7035 (Lichtgrau)         
Smallest achievable measuring uncertainty (workpiece-dependent)  [gmm]  0,01         
Smallest achievable tolerance (workpiece-dependent)  [gmm]  0,1         
Technical availability    99% nach VDI 3423         
Measurement device             
CAB 870 with Touchscreen Bedienung              
Set-up rotor with test weights              
Belt feed with centring system             
Lifting device             
Swarf vacuum             
Drawer/loading door             
Design with or without CE