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Engineering of Complex Balancing Plants Balancing and Spin-Testing Plants - Schenck Greece

This also includes a structure that is safe for spin-testing, since the immediate environment must be protected against a partial or complete explosion of the rotor. Depending on the size of the balancing plant, many completely different concepts are employed that are supplemented with numerous auxiliary assemblies and equipment – here profound know-how is absolutely essential. 

To an ever-increasing extent, Schenck RoTec is involved in the complete planning of the plant and the delivery of plant components which are not part of our traditional production program. These include large electrical drive systems, turbogearboxes, oil supply systems and air evacuation systems. We deliver the entire balancing and spin-testing plant, completely from one source. For parts that are not manufactured by us, in particular the buildings and airtight vacuum housings, we undertake the entire planning and provide the necessary engineering work. 

The experience gained from the construction of more than 150 plants provides the guarantee for a technical, cost-effective and optimally matured plant in its entirety. Use these advantages in the planning and construction of your own high-speed balancing and spin-testing plant.
Small and large rotors as well as oscillating components are of paramount importance for the functioning of many products. They influence their safety, performance and quality.

Even the smallest unbalance in these components in operation can have a dramatic effect – not only in the case of power-station turbines or vehicle components but also for small rotors like dental turbines.

At SchenckRoTec, we have the technology and knowledge. We offer tailor-made machines and plants, measuring instruments and systems for all requirements and applications: For balancing and testing the mass properties of satellites, for balancing and diagnostics in the electrical industry with continuously changing work-piece types, for balancing crankshafts, or the assembly of wheels and tires in automobile mass-production, and balancing up to 300 t generator rotors in power-stations. 

Leading enterprises world-wide put their trust in Schenck RoTec‘s all embracing, inter- disciplinary know-how, and on sound advice and planning. We have built up engineering capabilities for special systems, where a perfect combination of components and their optimum interaction is particularly important for economic or safety reasons.

Balancing and spin-testing plants
For more than 40 years, our company has been involved in the development and construction of special high-speed balancing machines for large steam and gas turbines, compressors and generators. In this field, we are in a continuous exchange of experience with the most eminent firms in the electrical and turbomachinery industries.

The experience gained through this has gone into the balancing machines from our DH series that are most suited for operation at the highest speeds and, therefore, for balancing and spin-testing. The required technology extends much further than the actual balancing machine.
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